In am very pleased to inform you all that the CEO and Founder of arwilsonsports was norminated by sports followers and pundicts into SLEA2018 Awards as Best Sports Personality. Thank you all for your supports.

Meet Yemi Dunia one of the finest left back defender of Leone Stars.

Bamoi Goalkeeper Praised For Professionalism… By: Alusine Rehme Wilson (AR-WILSON) One of the youngest and most talented Goalkeeper in the football history of the north, Abdul Salam Dumbuya has qualified his side Bamoi Stars of Bamoi Luma, Lower Magbema Chiefdom in the Kambia District with three consecutive saves from the post-game penalties at a goalless 90 minutes derby match against Bullom Kafu Chiefdom’s Bullom Stars that all ended 3-0 to Salam’s side after penalties shootouts. Salam saved three penalties against Bullom Stars of Lungi, Bullom Kafu Chiefdom in the Port Loko district a display of her goalkeeping tricks against rivals convinced spectators that witnessed the match on Monday, 10th December, 2018 at the Makeni Wusum Mini Stadium that later commended the 25years old goalkeeper for his professionalism well displayed. Speaking in an interview with this writer, Salam thanked supporters known and unknown for the confidence they bestrode in him throughout the game and he as well expressed hopes of winning this year’s league and further pleaded to the supporters of Makeni for forgiveness over the riot that break out at Bamoi in the league’s 6th edition. To many football followers Bullom Stars were seen as to have caused themselves the tears some players shed after the final game result. They got several chances in the game but they absolutely wasted all those goals scoring opportunities. Bamoi Stars were also lazy to have won the match before the 90minutes. They were awarded a penalty when their striker Mohamed Sesay was fouled deep inside the 18yeards box but that penalty was given away to Bullom Stars goalkeeper who replied with a lovely save 15minutes after the penalty was punched away Sullayman Turay (Sullay Beckam) was red carded for reckless tackling that was in the 87th minutes of the game but Bullom Stars endured the pressure and were called to the post games after 90minutes of still mate but were unlucky to survive from the spot kicks which easily crowned Abdul Salam Dumbuya (Salam Sow) as man of the match with mammoth praises from the supporters for his professionalism well displayed. Bamoi Stars’ Team Manager who also doubles as the Chairman for the Bamoi Luma Football Association (BALFA) in an interview assured fans and supporters of his team to be on the look as they thrill to crush Kolifa Stars of Tonkolili District and progress to the grand finale and bag home the championship of this year’s EBK League he stressed.

Kono Flamingo FC's Team Captain Assures this press of a turn around results in Kono on Saturday 17th December, 2018 in the return leg semi final match against Wusum Stars despite their 3-1 lost on Sunday 9th December, 2018 at the Makeni Wusum Field to Wusum Stars

Gibrila Bangura who plays for Tonkolili Kolifa Stars as of the 11th December, 2018 is the Highest Goal Scorer in the 8th Edition of the EBK Football Tournament.

EBK Golden Boot Trophy Contest Wild with delight… Saidu Mansaray Eyes Golden Boot By: Alusine Rehme Wilson (AR-WILSON) Wusum Stars’ left back Saidu Mansaray after netting two goals that lubricated a 3-1 win for the Black and Yellow Boys against debutants KDFA 2018 2nd division league Champions Flamingo of Kono District has in an interview disclosed his thirst for this year’s EBK Trophy Golden Boot. Saidu Mansaray who is fondly referred to as: “Magician Malian Kellini” has since the start of the 2017/2018 football season been exceptional with sensational dispensation of his soccer skills for the onetime premier league football club Wusum Stars of Bombali District. The 20 years old skipper has been hailed by football followers in the north for his consistency in his defensive roles in the team and his rousing goal scoring skill of recent time. The no nonsense defender has assured his fans to keep an eye on him as he thrives to clinch this year’s golden boot award from the Northern Champions League (EBK League) at the end of the tournament which is expected to end on Christmas Eve at the Makeni Wusum Mini Stadium. Gibrila Bangura the highest goal scorer Mansaray is current 2nd behind Kolifa Stars Striker Gibrila Bangura (Pirez) with Flamingo’s Dauda Bindi (Chippo) in 3rd place have scored three goals respectively.

Two of the most passionte boys in Rokuprs Khaliza about Sports!

Female support in football surface in Makeni… Hawa and Marie Renders Societal Serotypes Null and Void

 By: Alusine Rehme Wilson (AR-WILSON)


For the first time in the history of female support in football, Miss Maria Turay, a resident in Makeni who hails from Kono and Mrs. Hawa Lebbie, the wife of the Assistant Coach of Kono District Football Association’s2018 second division league Champions Flamingo has at Flamingo’s quarter final return leg at the Makeni Wusum Stadium in the last week of November took the lead as the first females in the north to through robust support to a local football team as they did to Kono district’s flamingo.


Marie and Hawa’seffort to support flamingo was born out of their love for their district and passions for sports, primarily football. In an exclusive interview with Hawa Lebbie she revealed that she chose to support flamingo and that she actively catapult into following sports some two years ago after she was legally and happily married to the Mr. Babilo Lebbie, who is the team’scurrent Assistant Coach to Head Coach Musa Fanday. She further expressed regret for waiting this far over the years before she made up her mind to follow sport but however, thanked God and her husband for luring her to sports mainly football.


She maintained that she is in love with football and Flamingo’s present form and clean record of winning every game at home and away in her presence is not only motivating her to continue to support the team but has been a leading factor to her dominant love for football and sports in general. Flamingo is the next Diamond Stars of Kono and once the boys readiness to represent us well at all times I am very sure they will become national stars someday she said.


For over five years, Marie Turay has been an impeccable sports follower and a football fan of all Kono team for over decades now. She also explained to this writer about the enormous pleasure she has discovered in sports and how she had always admired the better-sweet experiences among football clubs and fans.


Marie further narrated how she has been managing effectively her time for her home affairs and her time for sports citing that there have never been a moment in her life that she had ever missed any of her favorite sport shows and games nor had she ever skipped any of her home duty but emphatically express a clarion call to others especially females to choose sports as one among their hobbies as she described sports most especially football as: ”a professional game that provides it followers with stress cures and thus enrich them with enormous belongingness, unity and pleasure that will keep them off hectic moment of intra personal frustrations and worries”.


On Monday 22nd October, 2018 at the Wusum Stadium in Makeni the EBK TROPHY organising committee has assured Pressmen of the 2018EBK TROPHY Football Competition to kick start on 4th November, 2018.


One of the Chief Organisers of the league who also doubled as the Chairman of the Bombali District Football Association and Secretary General of the Northern Region Football Association: Abdul Rahman Kamara Chaired the press conference. In his opening statement, he welcomed all and thanked them for honouring the committee's invitation. He furthered his speech with a brief overview of how the EBK TROPHY all started, it Champions over the years and why the league? Kamara, after giving a thorough update about the league together with members of the EBK TROPHY Organising Committee that constitutes of Milton Koroma, Abdul Bangura, Mohamed Koroma, Mk Mohamed Papa Bangura, and others.


It was well noted as was pronounced by the organising committee, that 13 teams comprising of SkyEagles from Kono, Katara from Rokupr Town, Bombali District's newly promoted 1st Division football club: Tom, Area Best , Koinadugu Lions, Wusum Stars, Ocean Boys, Best of Bamoi, Tak Ephone, Marampa Stars , Area Best, and other clubs have consented to participate in this year's competition already with the exception of some traditional names into the league completely absent as at now which according to the EBK TROPHY organising committee are absent as a result of having some bones to pick with their commitment.


The committee further noted previous successes and challenges in the league and they also hinted attendees about some slight changes that will occur into this year's competition. Some of the changes they promised to disclose in subsequent meetings of the league.


The EBK TROPHY Organising Committee pleaded to Pressmen to share the issues discussed at the conference and onbehalf of the participating teams the committee assured attendees about the continuity of the league but reiterate about the committee's neutrality to execute their league functions with strict maintenance of disciplines in football, the game that we all love. Speaker after speaker at the event were allowed to ask questions about the league and several questions were asked by Pressmen some of which were explicitly answered by the EBK TROPHY's PRO Mohamed Papa Bangura, the Chairman of the Occasion and others though some committee Members moved the motion for further answers and information about the league to be disclosed in subsequent league meetings.


The Referees Coordinator North who also doubles as the Secretary General of the Northern Region Referees Association however recommended to the EBK TROPHY Organising Committee Members to make way for the Referees association North to assign unknown Referees and to both home and away games this time instead of operating on the organizing committee's previous rule of having home based Referees to serve as assistant Referees, especially for away Games which he said is very unprofessional and is against their Association's best practices.


This recommendation if adhered to will save the Referees Association from some bottle necks of alleged one sided officiating, Sim Fullah emphasized. However, 88% of the media Houses in Makeni attended the press conference with the exception of two among the lot.


The Northern Region Football Association Chairman, Brima Jalloh who also doubles as one of the EBK TROPHY Football Competition was also absent at the conference. Though the EBK TROPHY is seen by many football pundits as a promising Nation's Champions League.



Dishing out (Presenting) Sports Happenings on Radion Maria Makeni Sierra Leone Sports Extra Show





At the Royal Friends grand finale between Bombali Shebora and Wusum Stars on Sunday 2nd September, 2018 Mohamed Kamaramba Mansaray has pronounced that he is set to organize the first ever edition of the Kamaramba Trophy in Makeni.


The former 2018 Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) Presidential Aspirant who also doubles as Leader of the party made the pronouncement before a population of about 5,000 spectators that comprises of football Administrators, the honorable Paramount Chief of Bombali Shebora Chiefdom PC Kasanagh II and other Stakeholders from all works of life at the Makeni Wusum Stadium during the Makeni derby between the Black and Yellow Boys and the Red and White Boys.


Mohamed Kamaramba Mansaray was the chief guest of honor at the grand finals of the 2018 Royal Friends tournament first edition. His presence at the Makeni Wusum stadium mesmerized all present most especially the youths who where all around him cueing to have snapshot with one of the country’s most cherished grassroots politician Mohamed Kamaramba Mansaray.


During the recess at the game the organizers gave the opportunity to some of the invited guests to make few statements. Among the statements made by the invited guests the ADP Leader’s statement was the most Cathy one that is roaming around the Makeni municipality and its environs so far.


When he was invited to make statement Mohamed Kamaramba Mansaray noted “My popularity in the country is a growing from strength to strength day in day out and to me it is no secret that my human relation with the people of this country is however pivot in this, and to show my continue loyalty and commitments to my people mostly in the Bombali district I am bring to Makeni the Kamaramba Trophy this year” he avows.






About eight players or more of a Makeni based second division side Seattle Football club have been sued to court by the club’s management for boycotting a club game in the 2018 second division league that is powered by the Bombali District Football Association (BDFA) and the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Sierra Leone.


The players in question according to the club’s Public Relations Officer Mohamed Titi Kamara noted in an interview that Seattle’s manager Bambay Sawaneh and the entire club has reached a decision to take the accused players to court for Breach of Contract.


Titi Kamara further explained that Seattle is one among the few football clubs in Makeni that referred to as the big money spenders on players’ signings and welfare but some among there signed players of the team has on Sunday 26th August, 2018 abscond a second division match against Santino football club for some non division clubs contracts.


The absence of the players from the Seattle squad that played against Santino saw a humiliating 2-0 victory to the Parish Boys against Seattle football club. This defeat left Seattle’s head coach Abu Zagolo Conteh, and the fans in wonders and agony after they were recently crashed out at the semi finals of the 2018 Royal Friends Tournament where they were defeated by Bombali Shebora at a 2-0 aggregate.


Seattle’s PRO concludes the interview affirmatively noting that the club’s management will be robust in dealing with this matter which will not only prevent other players that are currently holding valid contracts with the club not to follow suit but will serve as an end point to players taking up double contracts and roles with different clubs at the same time.








Leone Stars Head Coach John Keister has on Monday 27th August, 2018 selected twenty three (23) players at both home and abroad to face Ethiopia next Month in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nation (AFCON) qualifiers.



The selected players by the Former FC Johansen Head Coach John Keister who is now in charge of Sierra Leone’s National team Leone Stars, comprises of three goalkeepers, Seven defenders, Five midfielders and Eight strikers featured Sierra Leonean players plying their football trades in clubs across the globe ranging from: Freetown, Swizerland, Turkey, Greece, Finland, England Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, USA, Azazabajan, Canadan, Sweden, Belgium, Indonesia, Island, Sudan and Denmark.


The selected players into the squad comprises of popular and new names of Sierra Leonean Football Stars such as Solomon Zombo Moris, Alhajie Sesay, Mohamed N. Kamara, Yeami Dunia, Umaro Bangura, Alie Sesay, Hassan Milla Sesay,  Abu Sumah, Osman Kakay, Mohamed Medo Kamara, Alfred Sankoh, Micheal Lahoud, John, Kamara, Julius G. Woobay, Kei Kamara, David Simbo, Alhassan Kamara, Mohamed Buya Turay, Ibrahim Conteh, Amadou Bakayoko, Kwame Quee, Sheka Fofana and Christian Moses.


Sierra Leone are currently second place behind Ghana with three points after they defeated Kenya’s national team at the Sierra Leone National stadium in Freetown last year.


Coach Keister is seemingly fit to rise and keep the hopes of Sierra Leoneans alive in football more so with his instructions to see Leone Stars participating and hopefully being home the 2019 AFCON trophy from Cameroon. His first win with the team was at 2-1 against Kenya.


Since his appointed as Head Coach of the team his recent results from friendly matches has given him some applauds from fans that are expecting more greatness from him.


Keister who is known for his discipline, courage and thirst for victory is optimistic of adding goodies to Leone Stars in due cause of his dispensation as the team’s head coach.



With 22 goals scored… Suffian assured of Bagging home Golden Boot




Makeni based football club Bombali Shebora’s, striker Suffian Kalokoh has on Saturday 25th August, 2018 at Wusum Stadium in a post match interview with this press assured his fans to keep calm as he is set to bag home the Golden boot price in the Royal Friends Tournament.


“I have scored twenty two goals in the competition so far the highest number of goals scored by a single player in the tournament and now that my team is into the finals the golden boot price is surely mine” Suffian said.


Suffian Kalokoh who is popularly known as “Tormentor” has scored the highest number of goals in competitive football than any other player in Makeni since 2016 to date.


He is also the only player to have scored 14goals in a single match in the history of Makeni football that was against Gboban FC that lost 19-0 to Bombali Shebora in mid July this year in this years 22million Leones worth Mitsubishi Car league.


21years old Kalokoh is known for his tactical, entertaining and magnificent strikes and goal scoring. He scored at all games played from the group stage and scored both at home and away against outstanding Youngsters team Seattle in the semi finals of the league.


Kalokoh is however, impressive about his current form and has always dedicated his goals to God, his fans and his team coach. He has affirmed that he is going to do his best together with his closest team mates Issa Bella Kamara, Calvin Bangura and his elder brother Ahmed Didat Kalokoh and other players of Bombali Shebora to defeat his former club Wusum Stars in the grand finale to win this year’s trophy come September 2 that is expected to take place at the Wusum stadiums in Makeni Bombali.



At his seventh Marathon Race… Philip Langley Avows his continual support to Street Child & Urges Philanthropists to Support Street Child



On Sunday the 26th May, 2018 Philip Langley has declare to this press his readiness to continue to make his way to Makeni in the Northern part of Sierra Leone to participate in the Sierra Leone  Marathon that is yearly organized by Street Child, a Charitable organization in the interest of Street Children to help them educate.


Philip Langley is English born that is currently based in Spain who strongly believes in the transparency and straight forwardness of the organization.

 He is the about 56years old and have been the most consistent European that have been striving to come to Sierra Leone every year at the Street Child’s Marathon.

He first came to Sierra Leone in 2012 and fell in love with the beauty and peaceful nature of Sierra Leone and the activities of Street Child as an organization that is working relentlessly to rescues Street Children in Sierra Leone.

Philip like few others has been helping to raise some fund for Street Child and he is very satisfied with how the money raised been spent buy the organization.

“I will continue to come to participate in the race as long as my body can allow me to” Philip said in and interview with the CEO of the Press.

He is a onetime footballer at his home land and he is a fan of Sierra Leone based Premier League team Mighty Blackpool Football Club.

Philip at the end of an exclusively interview narrated: “I played Rugby at Vale at Hune, Guerusay and Jersey respectively during my youth stage, I was not too successful to become a star at it but my contributions to these teams are historic even at Cricket at Torrisholme, Springfield and Pessimists teams  I made several Wickets Philip noted.


Philip endorsed Street Child is the rightful charitable organization to support and work with should any person or organization intend to he concluded.






Photograph of Makeni BasketBallers

Amidst the fact that Makeni Basketball players are grossly faced with quite a good number of Challenges in their due causes of trying to acquired the required trainings that can attract Scouts and Sponsors form and across the Northern part of the country, Makeni Basketball players remain zealous in their plights to play and raise Basketball, the game that they love most and have choose to play to the highest peak in the sporting arena of Sierra Leone and at international levels.

A cross section of Makeni Basketball Players have disclosed to this medium their continual readiness to totally commit themselves towards playing basketball for they have chose the game as they their success path as patriotic citizens of Sierra Leone though residing in the Northern part of the country, where sports potentials are usually neglected for other players that they can do better than in terms of delivering their best in sports for the betterment of the nation at major basketball games.

Joseph Yusuif Kamara is one of Makeni’s most experienced youngster basketball player said to this press that: “I love basketball and I am looking forward to always do my best for my team he stressed. 

Joseph ending the interview strongly admonished all and sundry to support them to become great Basketball players and to refrain from the act of calling young boys and girls who want to take the game as their career idlers and all sort of odd names but to courage them with material, moral, and financial support to help them play basketball from this side of the country.

Mariam Micheal Kamara is the only female Makeni basketball player that is very much committed in present days to play the game. Herself and other youngsters’ basketball Players like Lamin Tarawalie (Joe), Abass Kamara (Poman) are all looking forward to the intervention of sponsors that can aid them to thrive on smoothly in their basketball plights.

At the Makeni basketball grounds, I as well caught up with one of the country’s finest Basketball Player Mustapha Moses Kamara who is nicknamed; D’money aka Hefty Fighting Temptation, who played the position of a point guard role in the court for Machrew Heats in a game against Hope Bulls on Independent day at the basketball court in Makeni. 

Mustapha is admired by fans and co-mates as a result of his tactical escapes on air when on the ball to make baskets.

Mustapha narrated to this medium: “I love Basketball since my childhood days I have been playing the game regularly, though along the line I was disappointed and had to take up to coaching duty but that was never a rescue point for me to achieve my basketball dreams so I had to finally quit in 2012 form active basketball due to continual societal challenges. 

He continued his speech with clarity that he is very much inspired with the spirits he has seen in the Makeni Basketball players and he believes they can become Basketball Superstars in the making with passion and support Mustapha concludes.




Photograph of Leone Stars U20

Under twenty football team of Sierra Leone Shooting Stars has repulsively failed to qualified at two major international competitions; both the U20 World Cup and the U20 WAFU after the team failed to win qualifying group tie against Guinea Bissau and as well failed to secure a draw over Liberia U20 at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Stadium in April this year.

In the U20 world cup tie, Sierra Leone Shooting Star battled with Guinea Bissau in two legs at both away and at home on the 7th April, 2018 in Bissau and on the 21st April, 2018 in Sierra Leone at the Bo City stadium.

Unfortunately for Shooting Stars after the team have struggled for fund to make their way to Bissau for their first away game it was very paining that the funds provided to the team for the game was from Mercury International betting company but the team was however unlucky to secure an away win over Guinea Bissau.

After two weeks from the first leg to Guinea Bissau, Shooting stars hosted Bissau at the Bo city stadium in the second leg of the World Cup U20 qualifying tie. Shooting Stars did well to have a comeback to secure a sound victory against the visitors from a lot of strikes and shoots from strategic points in the pitch but to no avail none of the shoots from the shooting Stars Players crossed the goal line of the visitors to enter the goal mouth.

This unlucky day for the Sierra Leone U20 side to reply with a win at the game saw a fortunate qualifying opportunity for Guinea Bissau U20 team ending on at 1-0 aggregate after both games played results leaving Sierra Leone U20 team with no option but to quit this year’s U20 World Cup qualifiers.

In to the U20 WAFU tournament, shooting stars of Sierra Leone had an impressive start at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Stadium on the 24th April, 2018 in their first group game against rivals Guinea Bissau U20 side, crushing them by two goals to one (2-1) in favour of Sierra Leone U20 side with Marampa stars football club leading goal scorer Alusine Koroma, scoring the first goal for Shooting Stars in the game and was crowned Man of the Match.

The most unfortunate results for shooting stars were the second and third game results against Ivory Coast, and host Nation’s team Liberia U20 sides who both secured a 4-1 and 5-1 win respectively against shooting stars at this year’s WAFU tournament.

The most odious moment for the team was at the last group game against Liberia’s U20 side which was mostly the gate way for Shooting Stars to have booked their spaces into semi finals stage of the tournament if they would have secured a draw but that was the game in which shooting Stars recorded the highest defeat so far (5-1) to the opponent team which many football followers and analysts believes was  not directly the players fault but was allegedly as a result of a superiority contest of recognition that occurred in Liberia between some football administrators of the  football body which later resulted to a lot of self defenses from alleged perpetrators sharing a whole lot of defensive pieces virally on social media platforms.



Sierra Leone U20 are almost through to the Semi final of this year’s WAFU tournament provided they can secure a win or a draw against host team Liberia who are currently battling out exit from the 2018 U20 WAFU competition, after they were humiliated by the young Elephants of Cote D’Ivoire by three goals to one (3-0) in their first group game while Sierra Leone’s Shooting Stars lashed rivals Guinea Bissau by two goals to one (2-1) with Shooting Stars youngster Striker Alusine Koroma scoring his first U20 goal for the team and ending on as man of the match from that derby.

The young Elephants of Cote D’Ivoire replaced Cape Verde in group A.

The young Elephants are comfortable at the top spot of group A with six points earned from Liberia and Shooting Stars respectively in their first two games played so far, Shooting Stars are second place in the group with three points after two games played, followed by Guinea Bissau and host team Liberia at 3rd and 4th spots respectively with a point earned each from two games played.

Cote D’ Ivoire will battle it out with Guinea Bissau, while Sierra Leone Shooting Stars will battle it out with host nation Liberia in the last group games today (Saturday, 28th April, 2018) in Monrovia, Liberia at the Samuel Kanyon Doe sports ground.

The Shooting Stars of Sierra Leone are all set to make their way to the U20 Semi finals as the team’s media department affirmed to this medium earlier today that: “the Players are looking forward for a win to cheerfully take the team to the competition’s next round to fly the Green, White and Blue flag higher and make Sierra Leoneans proud.”

 “We are committed to make our supporters proud that is why I and my team mates will do our best in this crucial match to qualify to the next stage of the competition” Shooting Stars goal puncher Alhassan Koroma told arwilsonsports.

Shooting Stars were forced out of the U20 World Cup qualifiers by Guinea Bissau at a 1-0 aggregate earlier this Month but arguably the team is all geared up to put a stop to elimination of the team from this competition and subsequent ones.





Photograph of Saidu Koroma after the 100meters Olympic Race

Prolific striker Saidu Koroma shockingly picked up a leg injury at the United Friends of Sierra Leone 2018 inter-area Athletics competition in the 100meters heat race on Saturday the 14th April, 2018.

Koroma who plays attacking role for Makeni Ocean Boys football club as well carries the Captain handband for the club.

Despite being a starlets striker in the country, the 17years old was at the MCA field UFSL inter-area Athletics competition to represent his area Congo Town-Conteh lane area in Blue house but unfortunately had a sad day at day one of the sports meet.

"We were on terrifically at the 100meters heat when the contest between I and the other Athlete were at per for the first position, I stretched my leg wide to clinch the first position unfortunately my right leg nerved and Freezed but I endured to complete second at the race". The striker explained.

He affirmed to arwilsonsports that this is the second time he is experiencing such injury, the last time was at a club training when he experienced the same pain on the left leg and was on four weeks break from the field for treatment before returning to normalcy. 

"I am worried about this injury because it will cost me another four weeks without the captain band and without a cap for my club" he sadly noted.

Saidu Koroma scored the first goal in the 2015 SLFA-Leocem National FA Cup competition against Teko Boys Society football club in the opening ceremony of the league at the Makeni Wusum Stadium.


Photo of the winner of the strongest Athlete event

Staging their organization's second annual activity, the Makeni based UFSL has successfully completes a robust first day inter area sport meeting at the Makeni Comprehensive Academy School field on Saturday, the 14th April 2018.

The organization's Secretary General Issa Osman Thullah explained to arwilsonsports that: "this is our second activity and the first inter area Athletics sport meeting held, which we believe the people of Makeni really appreciate especially, with the few areas we selected within the municipality to participate in the Sport meet for a start in a bid to keep the youths fit and likewise to entertain both the old and young.

There are four colors: (Blue, yellow, red and white) representing prominent communities in Makeni such as Conteh lane-Congo town combined, Ropolon area, Gada street-MCA area combined, and Teko road-station road combined respectively, Thullah elaborated.

The Sport meet was very entertaining, interactive, dominating and peaceful with white house having a bulk of the Northern Region Athletes, while the other houses had  beginners, footballers and veteran Athletes.

It is rumoured around by fans and Athletes, that white house will be the competition's favorite based on the positions it's Athletes took form the various races conducted including commic events: (weight lifting, area strongest Athlete, and more) made the day for supporters and spectators at the MCA field that white house will take home the trophy.

So many heat races were conducted, and all the  Athletes displayed their new running tricks and patterns that automatically qualified a good number that occupied the first and second positions from the various heat races conducted to the grand finals.

On Sunday, the 15th April, 2018, the grand final is forseen to be more robust and remarkable. Record breaking is expected to be witnessed.


Joshua Wyse and Ibrahim Kamara after the time trial test

Sierra Leone Swimming Diving, and Water Polo Association sets the platform straight for Athletes to showcase their new Swimming, diving and Water Polo tricks at the National Stadium Swimming pool on Friday, the 13th April, 2018 in the time trial test.

The absence of the country's leading male and female Swimmers Bockarie and Bintu Rabbie the Junior swimmers steadily had an impressive start at the time trials test just as everyone wanted.

Among the four different swimming races conducted: (Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly-Stroke and Freestyle-Stroke) titles contest was very tight between Joshua Wyse and Ibrahim Kamara in the 50meters senior strokes.

As if it was initially determined among the swimmers. Ibrahim and Joshua goes head to head as they equally wins two strokes each.

Among the seven swimmers that competed in the Freestyle stroke, Joshua Wyse bagged the win clocking a time of 30.81 seconds, followed by Habib Kamara and Pa Alie Kamara who clocked 32.40 and 32.72 seconds respectively.

Ibrahim Kamara crushed all in the Brest stroke with his win after he clocked a time of 40.78 seconds followed by Habib Kamara and Pa Alie Kamara who both clocked a time of 41.41 and 41.92 seconds accordingly.

Wyse clocked a time of 34.46 seconds at the butterfly stroke, while Sheka Bangura and Ibrahim Kamara clocked 35.01 and 38.07 seconds each.

It was all leveled between Ibrahim and Joshua at the Backstroke race after Ibrahim Kamara ended the race with a time of 42.13 seconds while Joshua Wyse and Gibrila Bamba both clocked a time of 44.22 and 45.31 seconds respectively.

With the above results recorded by the swimmers there is a more brighter future for the Sierra Leone Swimming Diving, and Water Polo Association in subsequent competitions internationally if provided the necessary support by the authorities concerned.

Many Sierra Leoneans are sure that the forthcoming Zone II Senior Championship that is on the way in  Dakar this year for 19 Countries including Sierra Leone will be an easy work over for the nation.


Photo of Musa & Samuel

Freetown's Congo Football club team captain Musa Sankoh alias "Mammy-Yombo" who plays at the team's back four line and his team mate Samuel Rai Koroma had a very good game of their own on Thursday, the 12th February, 2018 at the Kroobay Community Mini stadium against top side Spain Football club of Kroobay area.

Musa and Samuel"s performances in the match convincingly made them talismans to the 2-1 victory they secured at the 2018, 13th edition of the Camp Diva Youth Football Championship.

This result aided them to qualify to the round of sixteen stage of the competition leaving their opponents team Spain football club in tears after they played their last game in this year's Camp Diva Youth Football league in the round of thirty-two were they regrettably crashed out of the competition.

Musa Sankoh throughout the 90minnutes of the match was like Real Madrid's Pepe.

His accuracy in stopping the Spain FC strikers to penetrate into their eight yard box was well maintained.

Though fans were overwhelmed and were like bottle necks and the reason to the mounting tension of situations of unrest that were experienced at some point in time of the game, was amicably handled later by the organisers of the league and Police men.

The 23years old defender who was also carrying the team's captain ban told arwilsonsports in an interview when asked about the techniques they used to crush top opponent? Noted: "We devoted ourselves to have a win and qualify to the league's next stage which we've achieved with a 2-1 lead, I believe we delivered to the utmost expectations of our coaches and fans. 

"As a responsible team captain Musa went on to describe fans reactions during the game, to had been carried away by too much passions they have for the game, he ended up by calling on all supporters to refrain from all sort of violence in football and be calm, and affirmed that the team will remain much more committed to always give out their best in the field of play" he ended.

Musa was with Mountourel  Football club in 2008-2009 as his first club and later moved to SLFA in 2010, he played at the club until 2012, when he was scouted and signed by one of Sierra Leone's first division Football club management Manchester City football club.

At Manchester City he played under the instructions of Coach Francis Amara who is nick named "Kufor" one of the facilitators to the defender's loan deal to Congo Football club earlier this season.

25years old and well experienced Skipper Samuel Rai Koroma also  showed his class in the today's game.

The Skipper had played for other top Football clubs in the county including Brookfields United FC, Old Edwardians FC, Regent Olympic FC and now on loan to FC Congo, he was well applauded after the game by fans for his outstanding performance  in taking the team to the competition's next stage.

Samuel's last enterprising performance of such nature before now, was against Might Blackpool football club at a derby in the Sierra Leone Premier league in 2008 at the National Stadium.

Musa and Samuel's didn't only impressed, and entertained spectators at the Kroobay Community mini Stadium, but as well qualified their team FC Congo to league's round of sixteen sensationally.


Photo of Abdulai & John in Morocco in their FUS RABAT FC Suits

Following an invitation form Morocco's FUS RABAT FC to Sierra Leone's Johansen FC for two players, Youngsters   John Kargbo and Abdulai B. Kamara were selected by FC Johansen to honour the invitation.

The Johansen FC midfielders left the shore's of Sierra Leone for Morroco on Monday the 9th April, 2018 and they have safely arrived and have been received by FUS RABAT FC's management at 1500GMT and are currently awaiting trials at the Rabat de Stadium.

Both Abdulai B. Kamara and John Kargbo are attacking midfielders who were part of the squad that played against FUS RABAT FC in 2017 in the CAF preliminaries though the team failed to qualify for the CAF competition.

They have been very useful to the club since they joined the club in 2014/2015 seasons.

And also participated in the 2016 edition of the Sierra Leone Football Association and Leocem sponsored FA-Cup football tournament.

John and Abdulai's contributions to the club in the 2016 SLFA-Leocem FA-Cup was undoubtedly one among the reasons the team won the league and were crowned Champions of the league, after defeating RSLAF FC by a goal to nil (1-0) at the grand finals at the Makeni Wusum Stadium.

"Trials are expected to commence this week and the boys to me: I believe will be up to the task to pass the trails with FUS RABAT FC, because they can play well, they are very committed and obedient" Kemoh Sesay Johansen's FC media office told arwilsonsports in an interview with Alusine Rehme Wilson on Tuesday 10th April, 2018 in Freetown.

Sesay further explained how timely this invitation for the youngsters, the club and the Nation in general, especially in times like these when there is no competitive league playing in the country as at now, but the strong friendship of both club's managements is the reason for this invitation.

"The arrangements make way for continuity of such opportunities of this nature. More players to be scouted, invited and tried in Morocco in subsequent times.

Kemoh Sesay, when asked about the club's present status? Authoritatively replied: "We are training regularly, playing friendlies, all these is a plus to the team putting it one step ahead of other first division football clubs and these differences will be seen in our games with other FCs in the 2018/2019 Sierra Leone Premier League that will come up soon I believe" he concludes.

Abdulai B. Kamara and John Kargbo if they can successfully go through the trails with FUS RABAT FC, their names will as well be added to the list of players that have signed and played for top Morrocian Football clubs in Morocco form Sierra Leone.

Former Leone Star legend Abdul Cole played for Raja Casablanca FC in the 80's, while Lamin Bangura who was featured in two Africa Cup of Nations played for FUS RABAT in the late 90's.


Photo of Head Coach ko& Athletes


Ahead of the XXI Commonwealth Games that is expected to begin on Wednesday, the 4th April 2018, at Carrara Stadium in Gold coast, Queensland Australia.

Northern Region top Athletes and head coach are expecting a positive new record breaking performance from Ishmael Dudu Kamara and greatness from team Sierra Leone at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Speaking in an interview, Northern Region Athlete Mohamed Lamin Bangura, who join the Northern Region Athletics team in 2014 has expressed to arwilsonsports that: he is very pleased about the successes of the Northern Region Athletics team over the years and of recent times.

Having the Best Athletics Coach in the Country (Alpha Kamara alias Papaya), the fastest female Marathon race runner (Mariatu S. Kargbo), the fastest male sprinter (Ishmael Dudu Kamara), the best male and female relays teams all from the North, these are all miles ahead of the continual dominance in Athletics expected from us by our fans which is  inline with our dreams to excel Nationally and Internationally Mohamed Lamin Bangura Explained.

He further emphasized “I am so confident that Ishmael Dudu Kamara will make a positive new mark in the Common wealth games together with the Sierra Leone team.

Former Northern region fastest sprinter Dennis Conteh who lost his title to Ishmael Dudu Kamara at a training test due to some causalities Dennis was faced with psychologically that is fixed up already by the young man in recent times, is also affirmative that Ishmael Dudu Kamara will bring laurels home from the 2018 Commonwealth Games competition in Australia he disclosed to Journalist Alusine Rehme Wilson on Tuesday.

He emphasized that Ishmael Dudu Kamara is a very good Sprinter that is very competitive and determine to raise the country’s flag to the highest peak with his Athletics abilities at all times any where.

Since 2014 when Ishmael defeated me at the training test, he became the Northern Region fastest Runner and he had as well mamothly rise to become the fastest runner in the country, irrespective of my efforts to regain my former title, Ishmael Dudu Kamara have been very outstanding Dennis Conteh explained.

Regional Athletics Head Coach Alpha Kamara alias coach papaya, also told arwilsonsports in an interview that “Ishmael is expected to set a positive new international record at the 100meters race at the 2018 Commonwealth Games for  Sierra Leone.

Ishmael Dudu Kamara is currently Sierra Leone’s fastest sprinter and he is presently in Australia preparing to compete in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.





At a well attended Football friendly Peace match that was played on Sunday the 25th March, 2018 at the Makeni Wusum Stadium between Journalists of the Old Media Houses and New Media Houses of Makeni, Umaro S. Turay of the oldest community Radio station in the North showed his class in the friendly Peace debut.Makeni Radio Maria FM 101.1, FM 95.1 Radio Mankneh and Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation FM 88.0 Makeni, media Staffs combined formed the squad for the oldest serving Media Houses in Makeni, while Amzas Radio FM 96.9, Hope Radio FM 93.3 and the Africa Young Voices television Staffs combined formed the squad for the New Media Houses.Undoubtedly, the intended purpose of the game was achieved as seen in the day to day peaceful activities of the Makeni citizenry as a result of the gross education to Makenians by Journalists to reject all forms of tribalism regionalism, sectionalism, nepotism and hate speeches from all.Into the game Alimamy Kewulay Kanu of Amzas Radio opened the goal scoring with a thundering shot from a counter break chance in the 7th minutes.Two minutes later Umaro S. Turay's strike from the midfield area levelled the game score to 1-1 at the start.The football drama continued with mounting pressures from either sides, leading to two successive goals form both sides in the 29th minutes and 38th minutes, still left the game score levelled at 2-2 till the 52nd minutes, when AYV's television Makeni reporter Noah had the third goal for the New Media Houses.This Stimulated the Old Media Houses Head Coach Mohamed Jalloh's decision to substitute Emmanuel Yere Sumara and Bannister for Radio Maria Makeni's Alusine Rehme Wilson and SLBC Makeni's Mohamed Papa Bangura to mend the midfield porousness that had caused the frequent goals conceived.The substitutes posed pressures to the New Media Houses defense till Hope Radio's 22years old Central Back Tejan Fredrickson Fatoma was forced out of the game due to an injury he sustained at the 80th minutes and was replaced with Amzas Radio's Yusuf Y.M Sumah.AR-Wilson's and Mohamed Papa's introduction into the game totally dominates the midfield against the New Media Houses with a lot of accurate passes from them to co-mates saw Umaro's second leveller in the game which recorded the youngster's name for the third time in the match's goals scoring list at the 83rd minutes impressively seals the 3-3 draw, scoring hat-trick in the game.


Photo of the Twin Brothers to Iran

Twin brothers Alusine Koroma and Alhassan Koroma ahead of the friendly encounter that is scheduled for Saturday the 17th March 2018 at 1200GMT, (3:30PM) Iran time, at the Azadi Stadium in the western part of Tehran to play between the Iran National Football Team (Team Meli) Versus Sierra Leone National Football Team (Leone Stars) has wholeheartedly committed themselves to put their utmost best of performances against Iran to on Friday 2200 hours GMT.

"We are very happy to be among the selected 28 Players for our National Team to play against Iran, we are used to putting in our all and our best of performances into the game jointly with co-mates to fly our country's flag higher at all times.

'This game is very important to us and it will be our third international friendly for the National Team and our first international away game since we made our way to the team in December 2017 from our football club (Marampa Stars) of Lunsar town in the Northern part of Sierra Leone, Alusine Koroma narrated when asked what is their felling making it to Iran with his twin brother Alhassan Koroma with the Leone Stars National Team?

His twin brother Alhassan Koroma further noted that: himself, his brother and co-mates are all in a very high spirit to secure a sensational win for Leone Stars on Saturday.

 'It will not be a surprise to sports followers if myself and my brother's name appear on the starting line up team sheet against Iran, for we are ready to prove to our fans and Sports followers that we can do it best at all levels when provided with the opportunity Alhassan emphasized.

It's is crystal clear that the twin brothers last two games in January this year for the National Team against both Liberia Premier league 2017 champions Liscar FC and Guinea's Haifa FC all ended up 2-1 and 1-0 in favour of Leones Stars.

The twin brothers are very affirmative of having another winning with Leone Stars on Saturday against Iran for they believe that will change the world football ranked spot of Sierra Leone to a more progressive one.

This friendly will be very crucial to both teams as Iran (Team Meli) are looking forward on testing their teams rediness ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Sierra Leone (Leone Stars) are as well preparing  ahead of their Derbies with Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya in September, October and November respectively in the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2019 qualifiers with both home based and foreign based Sierra Leonean footballers are all set to represent and fly the Green, White and Blue flag higher in the world football.



Rokupr Town, Magbema Chiefdom Kambia District Katara Football club's Midfielder Alhajie M. Wrapping Kamara after 96hours of the March 7 2018, Sierra Leone general elections in an interview with disclosed his readiness to hang his boots for four football seasons and concentrate on his new academic venture.

"I will put an hold to my hobby football for the next four seasons due to my academic quest. 

I will  begin my Bachelor's Degree program at the Milton Margai College of Science and Technology in Freetown, where I will be studying Measurements and Evaluation (M&E) course, a Degree program that I had made up mind for and I'll be putting my all into. 

"I am motivated to study M&E because there is a wider space in offices for M&E personnel to fill and I had been very promising at Mathematics form junior school  to high school and studying a mathematics related courses at MMCES&T, is like a dream come true for me.

When asked about the impacts his move to study will create to other players he replied: "This will help motivate my co-mates who have got or are trying to complete their university recruitments to have the urge for furthering their Education at university levels that will enhance continual progress in the lives of footballers.

"Yes I am the third player of the club that is set to reach university peak, this shows clearly that the club has a good number of elites as perpetrated by our Manager: Musa K.D Mahmood for players to not only become football Stars but to as well become elites side by side. Alhajie said when he was asked about the team's players academic strength.

Alhajie is one  of Katara Football club Players that has been very much useful to Katara football club since he joined the club in January, 2012 form Kassire town team.

He played with a good number of Katara Football club Star players including Katara 26years pointed right Midfielder and Former Kambia District Team (Kolenten Rovers) youngest Midfielder: Yusuf Sissoko Bangura in a good number of crucial games.

The 27 years old Katara football club midfielder attained the post of team captain of the club in 2016.

 His laudably leadership qualities and soccer intelligence, during his reign as team captain of the club added more Laurels to Rokupr Katara football club.

During his reign the club made it way for the first time to two major football tournaments in Sierra Leone: the Lungi closet competition and the Presidential Trophy 2017: (Sierra Leone Champions League) as fans referred to it.

The 27years old further emphasized that: "Football has no pension and players should back it up with Education for the nation's development.

Kamara, rounded up  highlighting that: "his four years absence with Katara Football club, as he will be duly focusing on his four years  Degree course, will be a blow to his fans, team mates and the rest of the club for they will miss him likewise himself too, but the Midfielder expressed confidence in the club's technical side to be able to find a suitable replacement form other Midfielders in the club to play his role in the club.

He is nevertheless, hopefully to put on his best of performance in academics to bring Laurels home and join the club as well upon completion of his course.

This he affirmatively said: "will help motivate other players in the team and the Nation Wholeistically to further their Education.

"I still remain the Best Athletics Coach" Said Alpha Kamara alis Papaya


Alpha Kamara alias Papaya the Northern Region Athletics team Head coach who came into Athletics Coaching from the football pitch and has got a very successful Athletics Coaching career a a lot of experiences fom National and International levels, has on Monday the 5th March, 2018 has affairmed in a intervie that: "I still remain the Best Athletics Coach".
Kamara is currently preparing Northern Region fastest Masrathon race runner Jane S. Kargbo who also doubles as Sierra Leone's fastest female 800, 1,500 meters runner in the country ahead of her trip to Spain to represent Sierra Leone in a top Athletics competetion.
16years old Jane is currently fearing on well with trainings with Head coach alpha Kamara (Papaya).
Jane has particpated and has won a lot of Marathon races in a good number of competetions in the country. She is a twin sister to Thresa S. Kargbo Northern Region second fastest marathon race runner.
Northern Region head coach, Alpha Kamara (Papaya) played for Wusum Stars football club from 1996 to 2007 when he left the pitch for his new role as an Athletic Coach of the Northern Region.
He  is popularly know within and outside Sierra Leone for his outstanding performances, and unbeatable coaching skills in Athletics in the country.
He had won a good number of Athletics competitions both national and international Athletics competitions with almost 100 medals won.
Kamara has not only excell in his Athletics coachingas but had as well  transformed many youths lives of all sex through Athletics.
Some of the Athletics he trained are excelling Regional, Nationally and Internationally.
He affirmatively stressed on his readiness for continual excellence in his coaching career in an interview with Journalist Alusine Rehme Wilson (AR-WILSON) of Northern Times Newspapers, Presenter Radio Maria, Reporter Radio Khaizha and Star Radio that he still remain to be the best Athletics Coach as him and his Athletes has more in store to deliver for the people of Sierra Leone, Africa and the world at large in Athletics.



Santino football club for the first time reach a grand final stage in a highly competative league.
They knocked out Rogbaneh football club at the first edition of the Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) North organized Mayoral cup grand final on sunday the 4th March 2018 at th at the Makeni Wusum Stadium in a dramatic stlyle after a very tight contest between each side.
The game  all started well with great  zeals not until we saw an own goal to Santino Football in the 4th minutes of the game gave Rogbaneh Strikers football club an eight minutes lead in the game till Santino Football club midfielder Momoh Conteh strikes from the midfielder area with a shot that leveled the goal line in the 14th minutes of the game it continued in still mate until Amadu Barrie scored in the 55th minutes of the game for Santino Football club which almost gave them a win in the 90th minutes of the match only for Abdul Kay to level the score to 2-2 in the 79th minutes of the game that saw them through still mate after ninety minutes of the game and two minutes added time.
Unfortunately for Abdul Kay who scored the equalizer for his side before full time at the post game penalities shoots out was unable to score as his penalty cross the Cross bar way over giving Santino Football club an easy 5-4 win over Rogbaneh Strikers football club at Post game penalities shot outs in the Mayoral league.
Santino Football club for the first time in this history of Makeni football has won their first trophy and final under the instructions of their newly appointed Head Coach Daniel Koroma who won the 2018 Sports Writers Association (SWASAL) Northern Region organized First Edition Mayoral Trophy bagging home two Million Leones Star price with Rogbaneh Strikers football the team that scored the most goals in the league ending up as runners up with a one million Leones package.
With Issa Bella Kamara winning the best player award for having scored six goals in the league with eight assist, Suffian Kalokoh won the golden boot after scoring a total of seven goals in the league, Emmanuel Nicol won the Best goalkeeper award for conceiving less goals in the league, the three players all of Rogbaneh Strikers football club, Santino Football club midfielder Momoh Conteh won the Best midfielder award and Tom football club Head Coach Aiah Bockarie won the Best  Coach award for his outstanding coaching skills showcased in the competition though his side failed to qualify to the Grand finals stage after his side lost to Santino Football club in the Semi finals stage of the league by 1-0.
Under the watchful eyes of the National President of the Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) Frank Magnus Cole, the Makeni City Council Chief Administrator, William Alpha, the chief sponsor of the league Madam Sunkari Kamara, football Administrator, members of the fourth estate within and form across the country, fans  spectators and more at the Makeni Wusum Stadium on Sunday the 4th March, 2018.



Constituency 037 in Makeni Bombali District aspiring candidate for the Parliamentary seat in the March 7 general elections of Sierra Leone, at a non violence football grand finals that was staged at the Makeni Manikala community playing field has assured Makeni people that he will promote sports especially football in his era as Member of Parliament of constituency 037 in line with their Party’s manifesto.

“My presence at the Makeni Manikala playing field today primarily is to support my wife Kadija Ballah Jalloh, who was invited by the organizers to do the kick off of this grand final football match as a native of Manikala community. She jetted into the country few days ago from the United States of America to honor the invitation of the youths of Manikala community Abu Bakarr Jalloh explained.

Sports is one among my priorities as to be Member of Parliament of constituency 037, inline the ideologies of the party I represent and our Presidential aspirant is one who dearly loves the youths and sports as well. That is why when the people of this country would have voted our party into governance come March 7, the Sierra Leone People’s Party under the leadership of Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, will revive the past glories of sports in this country, just as he did during his era and leadership as head of state of Sierra Leone with the NPRC party, ABJ emphasized.

ABJ continued his speech and note that: “their aim is to empower the youths through sports and our next step when in governance is to build the necessary structures and establish sports projects in schools, so as to facilitate the tapping of sports potentials at an early stage and as well help to build their sporting capacities strongly for better representation of Sierra Leone in world sporting competitions within and across the country in subsequent times.

ABJ also thanked the organizers for taking such bold step of staging a non violence football league of this nature as the elections date draws closer. He also called on Makenians and all Sierra Leoneans to make correct choices at the March 7 pools.


He reiterated on the relevancies of sports and how it can easily enrich it perpetrators, he continued his speech and cited examples to Sierra Leone legend and former Leone stars Captain Mohamed Kallon and the ex-Liberian footballer, George Upon Weah now President of the Liberian republic that it is sports precisely football that have place them in such strategic and enviable stands in their countries, Africa and the world at large. He crowned his speech by urging all Sierra Leoneans to embrace sports and encourage those who are involved into it as their careers. 

“Success FC has more in store for Fans”… Said Amadu Deen Tarawalie


Head coach of Success Football club, Coach Amadu Deed Tarawalie has disclosed to the press, after his side breaks through as debutants into the Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) North organized Mayoral League from countless appearances mini leagues within Bombali district, that: “Success football club has more pleasing performances of subsequent victories for the team, their fans, management and football loving fans of Makeni in subsequent games.

Coach Tarawaile said the above in a post match interview with Journalist Alusine Rehme after his side to Tom football club by 4-1. He emphasized that: “Success football was one of the favorite team that was seen as potential champions of winning the 2018 Mayoral League but due to some internal and external lapses of the team and the management of ocean Boys football club contributed to the lost his team suffered in the quarter finals stage of the league.

“But all is not lost for the team my players were distracted by some members Ocean Boys football club especially to my star player Calvin Nado Bangura who was solely always charged with the responsibility of interpreting my instructions in the pitch together with his co-mates. We are also competing in the alliance Coordinators Group inter district tournament and Success football club is representing Karene district and we are hoping for the best in that competition coach Amadu Deen narrated.


A cross section of Success football club players including Abdulai M. Kamara alias Champalankay a third year student in the Agricultural Department at the university of Makeni who was not part of the starting eleven of the game against Tom football club in the quarter final due to college examination, played in the remaining 40minutes of the game is one of their key striker and leading goal scorer accepted the result of the game noting that all is not lost and they are always ready to do more for the team and further interpret with is required of them by their head coach. 



For the first time in the history of Northern football a Police officer has proved well on duty as a football coach.

Rogbaneh football club head coach Alfred Yobo Sesay after being part of the backroom staffs of Ocean Boys football club for over three years stood up tall with his first ever task as a head coach of Rogbaneh football club in the 2018 Makeni Mayoral Cup.

Coach Sesay’s side started well in the league with an 8-0 victory in their first group game in the league against Kamanda football in January with an hat-trick from Suffian Kalokoh, and two goals each from Issa Bella Kamara and Moses Z. Bangura and a lone goal from  Alusine Sesay alias Tormentor.

As if such impressive win was not enough they had a 2-2 draw to Sowa before they defeated Makeni Comphrensive Academy (MCA Rangers) football club by 3-1 and confidently booked their quarter final spot and crushed SLYTO football club by 5-1 with Suffian Kalokoh, Joseph Kalokoh and Issa Bella Kamara all added their names to the scoring sheet once again.

“Really, the match was a good one, we won it against a tough side and this is a signal that we are sending to the remaining teams in the tournament that we are a formidable side eyeing the trophy as we will continue to win till we reach the grand finals stage of the league and celebrate with the trophy Alfred Yobo Sesay noted after their 5-1 to SLYTO football club on the 22nd February, 2018.

Despite having well composed players Alfred Yobo Sesay’s coaching skills has been very much useful towards Rogbaneh football club’s successive wins in the league. Knocking out Mission Lane Strikers football club at the semi finals stage aided Rogbaneh football club easily and impressively to the grand finals after a 2-0 victory they recorded on Friday the 2nd March 2018.

The team of many goals as been describe by their fans, Rogbaneh football club will face Santino football club on Sunday, the 4th march 2018 at the Makeni Mayoral Cup grand finals.

The 32 years old coach, Alfred Yobo Sesay has promised his fans a win but insisted to predict the game scores.


Sesay and Koroma the head coaches of both cubs will be faced with a very huge task on Sunday playing for the trophy with both teams having a well composed teams with a more advance midfield and attack for Rogbaneh and a more stronger defend and attacking forces for Santino with outstanding Goalkeepers for each team.



Tom Football club Central Back, Ibrahim Fadika Koroma, in an interview has confirmed his readiness to secure a win over Success football club in their quarter final derby set for Monday the 26th February, 2018.

The 20years old defender after denying area Best football club a draw that would had qualified them to the quarter finals stage from the group stage of the SWASAL league, his side won the game by 1-0.

Fadika was sure that his side will cross over to the quarter finals with a win over Success football club which became a dream come true for the defender as they worked over Success football club with an astonishing 4-1 victory at the Makeni Wusum Stadium on Monday the 26th February, 2018.

In a post match interview Fadika noted that: “I told our supporters the last time that my team will win our quarter final clash against Success football club, that reality you have all seen 4-1 in our favour today.

He further added that “I and my colleagues will as well work acidulously to have a win their Semi-Final derby against Santino football club when they will meet on Thursday the 1st March, 2018 as they look forward to whet the appetites of their fans.


Fadika is one of Tom football club’s most consistent and outstanding defender, who join Seattle football club in November 2017 on loan and as well played incredibly for them in the 2017 Presidential Trophy.



In Freeetown...

One of Makeni top strikers Ahmed S. Koroma popularly known as Lolo, scores a thirty minutes first goal of the game, from a seventeen meters range from goal mouth for Mountain City Community Football club in a loud 4-1 derby against Congo town community football club on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday the 14th February, 2018 at the Freetown Parade playing field.

The 19 years old striker has registered his first goal for Mountain City community football club after two games played since he signed a year deal for Mountain City community football club from Makeni division one side, Area Best football club in December, last Year.

Koroma’s goal against Congo town community football club lubricated the 4-1 win for Mountain City community football club with enormous applauds from fans.

“I am happy to score for my new club today after two games played and this is the highest win for our club in the COFA championship tournament since January, last Month and my goal is specifically for the club and for my fans to keep eyes on me as I am set to deliver more for my new club throughout my stay with the team and I will continue the hard work to deliver more goodies for the team as my fans and coaches are expecting from me, Ahmed S. Koroma noted.

After playing three games, Mountain City community football team have secured a draw and two wins with seven points five goals in their credit and two more games to go in the group stage of the COFA League.

“Koroma is a player to watch and he scoring his first goal for the team and in the game seems to have added more blessing to our team for his goal lubricates our loudest win with many goals, a city fan said.

He was the leading goal scorer in the Sierra Leone Northern Champions League (EBK-League) preliminaries and the leading goal scorer for his home football club Area Best of Makeni.


The striker is expected to be featured in the remaining two group matches for Mountain City community football club in the League to be paired with Makeni Bombali Shebora Football Club striker Suffian Kalokoh, who has also join Mountain City community football club a week ago.


Photo of Mustapha Mansaray the Goals Scorer

After losing to Makeni Comphrensive Academy (MCA) Rangers Football club in the opening ceremony of the SWASAL North organized Mayoral Trophy on Friday the 26th January, 2018, Sowa Football club has strikes back against Kamanda Football club, on Sunday the 4th February, 2018 at the Makeni Wusum Stadium with an incredible three-zero, (3-0) win over Kamanda Football club who have conceived eleven goals in just two matches played to both Rogbaneh Football club and Sowa Football club respectively.

Sowa Football club striker Mustapha Mansaray alias Dybala, who missed the club first match in the opening match of the league against MCA Rangers Football club due to academic engagements, scored the first goal in the fifty-fifth minutes of the game form a penalty that was awarded to his team by central referee Mahmood.

As if the first goal was not enough, Mustapha strikes back and scored his second goal for Sowa Football club in the match, after crossing a four men defense of Kamanda Football club and posed a thundering kick on the ball that passed Kamanda Football Goalkeeper Joseph Tamba, and entered the goal in the fifty-eighth minutes of the game.

Mustapha's effort was complimented in the seventy-fourth minutes of the match by his team mate, Mohamed Jalloh who brilliantly scored the third goal of the match against Kamanda Football club for Sowa Football club after an incredible finish from a sixteen meters range form the goal line that gave Sowa Football club a comfortable three-zero win, over Kamanda Football club.

That result, place Sowa Football club second in group A behind Rogbaneh Football club with three points, three goals scored and one goal conceived, after two matches played.

Sowa Football club, Kamanda Football club, MCA Rangers Football club and Rogbaneh Football club all of group A, have just one more match each to play, ahead of round three in the Sports Writer Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL)  North, organized first edition of the Mayoral 2018 trophy.




After a very tough Football contest on the Christmas day at the Makeni Wusum Stadium between Wusum Stars Football club of Makeni and Marampa Stars Football club of Lunsar town, that all ended up by two goals one victory for the host team in the president's trophy seventh edition.

Five players of Marampa Stars Football club due to their impressive performances  putted up against their opponents in the grand final Match, were invited on Christmas eve by Leone Star's head coach John Keister, to join the Leone Stars national Team home base side in Freetown for training.

The invited Marampa Stars players comprises of two Midfielders, a wingers, and two Defenders , who all left the soils of Lunsar for Freetown to join the Leone Stars National home base team for training.

Alhassan Koroma a Midfielder, his twin brother, Alusine Koroma a Winger, Denis Kargbo a midfielder, Abdul Razak Conteh a Defender and Joseph Cleveland a Winger all arrived safely in Freetown and reportedly are been referred to as all been fearing on well with the National home base team in Freetown in all spheres as expected of them by Leone Stars head coach John Keister.

Among the five players, twin brothers Alusine Koroma and Alhassan Koroma are putting up extra performances of rapid improvement and are gradually securing first team spaces in the National home base team.

Winger Alusine Koroma has recorded two successive caps of full-time for the home base team since they joined the team. The 22years old midfielder played for Leone Stars against premier league defending champions Liscar Football club of Liberia on the 11th January, 2018 which ended up by two goals to one in favour of Leone Stars.

Alusine and his twin brother Alhassan both played for Marampa Stars football club of Lunsar against Liscar football club of Liberia and dislodged the visitors by two goals to zero, on the 9th January 2018 at the Makeni Wusum stadium. Alusine Koroma also played against Hafia Football club of Guinea for Leone Stars at the recorded one zero victory for Leone Stars at the National stadium on the 14th January, 2018.

His twin brother Alhassan Koroma, who plays midfield role for the Sierra Leone national home base team likewise his brother Alusine made it to the starting lineup for the national side against Liscar Football club of Liberia, though was substituted for his Marampa Stars Football club team mate Denis Kargbo in the 50th minutes of the game. He also jets in as a substitute at the Sierra Leone national stadium on the 14th January, 2018 in the 60th minu5es of the game against Guinea top flights team, Hafia Football club and defending champions of the Guinea League.

The five invited Marampa Stars football club players are all doing well with the national team, primarily the twin brothers Alusine Koroma and Alhassan Koroma keep on excelling in Freetown rapidly. The two of them has signed a season deal for the Fouray Bay community in Freetown and are currently playing the central one Football Association Football league in Freetown.


Alusine Koroma and his twin brother Alhassan Koroma had been very much instrumental with Marampa Stars Football club for the past six seasons they have played for the club. They are popularly cherished by the Lunsar inhabitants and other football pundits for their goals scoring tricks and abilities to come from the back and give Marampa Stars winnings in crucial matches, with the simplest opportunity they can hand, they always change situation within the twinkle of an eye, which is the lead cause for them been feared by rivalry teams.

Based on the twins performance against Liscar football club of Liberia. there is a pending deal for the boys to Liscar football club as the team is set to participate in the Confedration of African Football (CAF) Champions League.

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Bambay Boys (Seattle Football club) shucking lost of two goals to zero (2-0) to Mission Lane Strikers football club in match day four, in their first group game in the Sports Writer Association of Sierra Leone Northern Region (SWASAL) first edition of the Mayoral trophy 2018, but the Bambay Boys (Seattle Football club) re-bounced and stood tall against opponent team Independent Football club with an incredible seven goals to zero (7-0) win in their second group game on Monday the 5th February, 2018 in Makeni.

Bambay Boys (Seattle Football club), fourteenth minutes opener by Ibrahim P. Kamara started the goals countdown in the game, Alhaji Jalloh and Gbesaay in the twenty fifth minutes and thirty second respectively change the score line of the game to three zero earlier in the match.

As if the three goals were not enough, the Seattle Football club striker Alhaji Jalloh before the recess scores his second goal in the game and the league as well in the thirty ninth minutes.

Coming from the recess into the remaining forty minutes of the match Mohamed M. Samba coming from the substitute bench into the game with an assist from Alhaji Jalloh, Samba scored the fifth goal for Seattle Football club after sixty one minutes, in the next ten minutes Alhaji Jalloh scored the sixth goal of the game, that goal sealed his goal scoring in that game recording an hat-trick in one game just as Rogbaneh Football club Suffian Kalokoh and Area Best midfielder old age did as well against Kamamda Football club and Real Friends Football ball club.

Seattle Football club striker and clubs leading goal scorer Alhaji Jalloh though being the third player to score hat-trick in SWASAL North organized Mayoral Trophy said his primary target is to win the league for his club and not in a rush for golden boot league title.

A red card was issued to Mohamed G. Conteh after he committed two bookable offences he was finally sent off the pitch by central referee Fofanah, that paved the way for Seattle Football club Seventh goal in after Seventy sixth minutes, sealed the Seven zero win for Seattle Football club against Independent Football club.

The Media Officer of Seattle Football club, Mohamed Titi Kamara in an interview after the match expressed optimism for his team Seattle Football club though with three points, and five goals in their after credits two games, with only one match more to play in group stage, Titi Kamara further noted that Seattle Football club's faith into the league still stands tall and that they will clinch another three points from SLYTO Football on the 13th February, 2018 that will easily qualified them to the league quarter finals stage.


Bamoi boys(Seattle Football club) are currently occupying their place in group B with five goals, behind Mission Lane Strikers football club and SLYTO Football club, owning four points two goals and four points and one goal respectively.




Fifteen years old goalkeeper Joseph Tamba, is currently Bombali District youngest outstanding goalkeeper, and also Kamanda football club number one goalkeeper in an interview on the 12th January, after saving fifteen shots on target for his team against Makeni Comphrensive Academy football club in derby has express interest to add his contributions to the Sierra Leone National under seventeen football team if invited by the head coach.

Northern region youngest non division football club goalkeeper noted “I am very much interested to represent my country Sierra Leone as the National under seventeen goalkeeper if considered, scouted and being invited to join the national under seventeen football team as that will give me a way to achieve my long time dream of flying our dearest green, white, and blue fly to the highest flag in terms of good football representation with my presence as the national team goalkeeper in subsequent times.

The promising football young star, further emphasized how paining it is to him each time the performance of Sierra Leone national football team will not lead to participating in the Nations cups for over twenty years now since the country last participated in the Nations cup.

Goalkeeper Tamba after two years of playing as a striker, at age nine took up to goalkeeping after admiring Sierra Leone division one team goalkeepers, Spanish Goalkeepers and other world leading Goalkeepers Buffon, Christian Cooker, David Degea and more.

The fifteen years goalkeeper, after several trainings was scouted by the Physical Health Education teacher of Christ King College (CKC) of Bo. Tamba made his first goalkeeping cap at major league in 2011 for his school football team Christ King College (CKC) in Bo town at the Bo District 2011 Schools league and won the Best Goalkeeper Award at the end of the tournament at age eleven.

After his family migrated from Bo to Makeni, Tamba was scouted by Kamanda football club head coach Charles Abass Kalakoh in 2014 and due to Joseph’s outstanding performance he was promoted to the number one space in the starting lineup of Kamanda football club.

Since Joseph Tamba joined the club he has been very useful to the team though as being young, he is very obedient to my instructions, Joseph is very much committed towards the game and is by no way missing team training and his personal extra goalkeeping trainings his head coach noted.

The fifteen years old goalkeeper, Joseph Tamba had made 32 caps since he joined Kamanda football club, and had won six trophies, played twelve finals, fifteen quarter finals, fourteen semi finals, had eleven draws and  has lost seven games including the three lost games in the Makeni Mayoral Cup, since he was promote as number one goalkeeper for the team in April 2015.






In a must win derby as fans of both clubs referred it to be for either  clubs in the second group game in the ongoing Sport Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) north organized Mayoral Trophy left Real Friends Football club right winger Abdul Bangura injured.

Real Friends Football club right winger, Abdul Bangura in a battle with his Tom Football club opponent Mohamed Kamara, to win the ball in the fifty-sixth of the game was elbowed by his opponent that led Bangura to a sad experience as he lost two teeth of his.

Unfortunately the central referee Mahmoud didn't subscribed to that infringement; this is the second unfortunate injury of such nature. Some six Months ago it was Bombali Shebora Football club striker Suffian Kalokoh suffered the same pain.

Though Tom Football club won the match by four goals to one, the performance of Real Friends Football club especially Abdul Bangura who scored the only goal for Real Friends Football club in the game in the fourteen minutes as a reply to the goal his team earlier conceived after twelve minutes in the game that was scored by Tom Football club midfielder Mohamed K. Tholley,  after twenty three minutes Mohamed Bangura who made his first debut in the SWASAL North organized Mayoral Trophy, scored the second goal for Tom Football club in the game.

Later in the game, Mohamed K. Tholley renounced and scored in the sixty one minute before David Jumo's winning goal in the eighth third minute of the same.

Nothing was more paining to head coach of Real Friends Football club Philip Koroma than the injury his star player incurred after a humiliating four one lost to harsh rivals Football club.

Coach Philo emphasis how significant Bangura is to the team and that the whole squad of Real Friends Football club will miss him dearly.


My worry is how soon my player will recover from this injury, especially him being the club's leading Goals Scored and the most committed player of the club, who is always yearning to do more for the club at all times. Abdul last won a mini league in November last year for the club, Coach Philo emphasized.


Photo of Issa Bella Kamara

Issa Bella Kamara who is commonly known as Bellano, after scoring two goals, winning a penalty with three assist to his team mates that aided his Football club Rogbaneh Football club to secure the most incredible winning with eight goals to zero against Kamanda Football club in match day two in the SWASAL North organized 2018 Mayoral Trophy. Kamara also won the man of the match award of that match on the 27th January, 2018.

Issa Bella's Sensational performances in the league so far, has been seen and been referred to by many football pundits as “a dawn of another Mohamed Kallon surfacing from the Northern part of Sierra Leone” due to the twenty four years old winger's commitments and passion for Football.

Bellano shines who won the highest goal scorer award (Golden Boot Award) in the first edition of the Airtel Rising Stars Tournament in 2010, continue to excels as he showcased against Makeni Comphrensive Academy (MCA) Rangers Football club Football club on Sunday the 4th February, 2018 in a four-one (4-1) victory which had seen Rogbaneh Football club to the top flight place of the league with six points, fourteen goals scored with only a goal conceived so far in after two games played.

Rogbaneh Football club four-one win against Makeni Comphrensive Academy (MCA) Rangers Football club on Sunday, added up another goal to the winger on the eve of his 24th years birthday, totaling three goals in favour of the 24years old winger for Rogbaneh football club in the tournament after two games played.




Santino FC Starting Lineup Photo

In a dramatic Football showpiece between Santino Football club (Parish Boys) and Area Best Football club on Wednesday the 7th February, 2018 in the SWASAL North organized Mayoral Trophy, recorded a two one (2-1) victory for Santino Football club, forcing Area Best Football club to lose three points honorably in their second group game in Group C.

This win is the second victory in a row for Santino Football club in the league. The team earlier two zero win recorded against Tom Football club in match day one, saw Momoh Conteh and Amadu Barrie all of Santino football club scoring against Tom Football club for their first time.

Playing without prominent  Striker Amadu Barrie who was ill, Santino football club still got a win over Area Best Football club, though it was a tough Football contest between the two teams, but Mohamed Kofi Sesay and Abdul Conteh alias Ordonkor's goals were enough for Santino football club to secure another three points.

Kofi's goal has been the third fastest goal in the tournament; he scored in just three minutes of the game.

Not too long Area Best attacker James Conteh alia Apex goal replied to Santino Football club’s goal in the twentieth minutes of the encounter, this well timely and well scored goal by James ignite rising tension in the match, that saw a volleyed cross form Mohamed Kofi Sesay to Abdul Conteh alias Ordonkor to score the winning goal for Santino football club from a seven meters range from the goal line.

The Parish Boys (Santino football club) hopes of qualifying to the quarter finals stage of the league is at 75% already, a win or a draw will take them to the quarter finals stage of the tournament.

The Parish Boys are currently leading Group C with six points, three goals in their credit, seconded by Area Best Football club with three points, three goals, Tom Football club at third place with tree points one goal, and Real Friends Football club at fourth place with no points after two successive lost from two match played with seven goals against Real Friends football club of Masuba.




The team manager of the 2016 champions of Presidential trophy, Abess Zayat of Pathfinders football club of Makeni, has assured Football loving fans of Makeni that Pathfinders football club junior team is well prepared to participate in the first edition of the 2018 Sport Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) Northern Region organized Mayoral Trophy first edition in Makeni.

Pathfinders’ football club is a team that was formed after the Sierra Leone civil war to help unify youths and the old people of Makeni. The club after gaining popular support form sport fans and residents of Makeni for their outstanding performances in Makeni Football, though at a point in time, the club dissolve due to some unforeseen circumstances.

In 2016 when Abess Zayat was sacked as team manager of Wusum Stars Football club of Makeni due to some internal impasse with some club executive members. Zayat, was left with only one option, which was to revive his former team Pathfinders Football club.

Without wasting time, Pathfinders’ football club was instantly revived by Abess Zayat, and he registered the team to the 2016 League. The club participated in the 2016 Presidential trophy sixth edition, though they had a poor start in the initial stage of the EBK trophy 2016 sixth edition.

They strongly went to the drawing board and bounced back impressively, and won their remaining matches in the league and reached the grand final stage of the competition in a grand style.

They played against Wusum Stars Football club in the 2016 grand final of the competition, and thrashed them by a lone goal and they were crowned champions of the 2016 sixth edition of the EBK trophy.

Abess Zayat, was reappointment as team manager of Wusum Stars Football club of Makeni in 2017, after his Pathfinders football club defeated his former club in the grand final.

Immediately after his reappointment as manager of Wusum Stars Football club, himself and other executive members of the club convincingly won the 2017 Presidential trophy, with Pathfinders football club refraining from participating in the 2017 EBK trophy in a bid to avoid rivalry between the two Football clubs.

"Two weeks to commencement of the SWASAL North organized Mayoral Trophy first edition 2018, a group of young talented footballers met me with urge to show case their soccer skills in the league, they requested me to register them as Pathfinders football club junior club, and as a sport Philanthropists I did as they requested" Abess Zayat expressed.

Abess further expresses his confidence in his twenty eight under seventeen Players and the strength of the technical side of his junior team Pathfinders football club junior, that they will compete though they are young and will be playing against experienced and exposed players in the tournament but he is sure his boys will win the first edition of the 2018 SWASAL North organized Mayoral league.


He made emphasis about the ongoing rumors about the players that he had hijacked them from the Makeni under seventeen Football club and  other junior football clubs in Makeni, but debunked the rumors and emphasized that, he is confident that the boys are his and are all set to play the league under the ticket of Pathfinders football club junior, win the league and continue to be players of Pathfinders football club.


The Sierra Leone Youth Transformation Organization (SLYTO) of Makeni, Chairman and Team captain had assured sports fanatics that SLYTO as a positively reformed youth group in the country that comprise of a huge number of youths that have been part of various clicks representing various colours (Red, Black, Green, Mauve and Blue) from different parts of the country who are now based in the municipality of Makeni, that: "they are all set to compete in the Sierra Leone Sports Writers Association (SWASAL) Northern Region organized 2018 first edition Mayoral trophy that is set to kick start on Friday, the 26th January, 2018 in Makeni.


SLYTO head coach, who is also the Chairman of the group, Abdul Bangura, alias "Lawal" said that SLYTO Football club has about forty players in the team among the players of the SLYTO Football club are former players of Junior Football club and Wusum Stars Football club, Juan, Bakayoko, and Okocha, who are all ready to compete for SLYTO Football club, in the first edition of the Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone, North Mayor's league 2018.

"This is the time for us to come onboard as a unified and well transformed group in society to show case our hidden soccer skills, so that our group will be seen and recognised, as partners to Nation building, for our boys will play safe and will be devoid of all forms of violence, SLYTO Football club coach Abdul Bangura alias Lawal added".

Antony George Kargbo, commonly known as "Toniyayo" the team captain of SLYTO Football club, expressed gratitude, unbehalf of SLYTO to the Sierra Leone Sports Writers Association North for considering SLYTO Football club, and accepting them to take part in the 2018 Mayor's competition, as that will help them to show case their soccer talents, so as to help change the general public mind set about SLYTO being a group of dropouts, idlers, violence perpetrators and thieves within society, but the general public will completely see SLYTO Football club for the first time in a major soccer competition in the country, precisely in Makeni, in the Northern part of Sierra Leone.

SLYTO Football club team captain Anthony George Kargbo, also, called on all to give them the best support in the competition to become the champions of the Mayor's trophy.

He further said, that "they are all a well reformed group that are not bad people in society at all as others think about them.


"We will do our best to compete in peace and win the league without any form of violence form us so as to prove to the Makeni people that we are a changed and unified group, and to ours fans, we are looking forward to their support and strict maintenance of peace and sanity in the league as our team will be competing in the league against divisions Football clubs, like Area Best FC, Sowa FC, Real Friends FC, Teko Boys Society FC, Wusum Stars FC and other major FC's, the team captain of SLYTO Football club added".


Northern Region Marathon Races Athletes Thresa and her twin Sister, Jane and their Parents.